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sooo leute damit mehr auf meine homepage kommt und ihr auch mehr über mich wissts schreib ich euch jetzt mal meine lieblings musik


Abigor (Diabolic Unity)
Absurd (Der Scharlachrote Tod)
Amon Amarth (Versus the World)
Apocalyptica (Path)
Arch Enemy (Leader of the Rats)
At The Gates (Suicide Nation)
Bathory (Bestial Lust)
Behemoth (alles)
Black Witchery (Unholy Vengence of War)
Bloodbath (Like Fire)
Blutengel (Children of the Night)
Burzum (Stemmen Fra Taarnet)
Cannibal Corpse (Gallery of Suicide)
Carpathian Forest (It´s darker than you think)
Cradle of Filth (Ctuhlu Dawn)
DarkThrone (The Dance of Eternal Shadows)
Dark Fortress (Apocalypse)
Dark Funeral (My Dark Desires)
Deathstars (Syndrome)
Deicide (Once upon the Cross)
DevilDriver (alles)
Dimmu Borgir (The Sacreligius Scorn)
Dissection (Where Dead Angels Lie)
Defloration (Suicidal Tendencies)
Dying Fetus (Your Blood Is My Wine)
Eisregen (Meine tote russische Freundin)
Ensiferum (Hero in a Dream)
Enslaved (In Chains Until Ragnarok)
Endstille (Bleed for me)
Epica (Cry For The Moon)
Equilibrium (Der Sturm)
God Module (The Source)
Gorgoroth (Antichrist)
Graveworm (Suicide Code)
HIM (Join me)
Immortal (Call of the Wintermoon)
In Flames (Crawling through Knives)
Kampfar (Ravenheart)
Lovex (On the Sidelines)
Marduk (Baptised by Fire)
Marilyn Manson (This Is Helloween)
Mayhem (Deathcrush)
Naglfar (Unleash Hell)
Nargaroth (I burn for you)
Necrophagia (Cannibal Holocaust)
Necrophagist (Foul Body Autopsy)
Nightwish (She Is My Sin)
Noisuf-X (My Time)
Opeth (Demon of the Fall)
Pain (Nailed to the Ground)
Psyclon Nine (Slaughter)
Rammstein (Reise Reise)
Razed In Black (Oh My Goth)
Requiem (Diary of a damaged Brain)
Satyricon (Fuel for Hatred)
Sentenced (Killing Me Killing You)
Six Feet Under (As the Blade turns)
Slayer (South Of Heaven)
Slipknot (Eyeless)
Sonic Reign (Raw Dark Pure)
Stahlgewitter (Ruhm und Ehre)
The 69 Eyes (Wasting the Dawn)
The Black Dahlia Murder (Paint It Black)
Venom (Bloodlust)
The Birthday Massacre (Happy Birthday)
Vital Remains (At War With God)
Wednesday 13 (God is a Lie)
Witchery (Immortal Death)
Within Temptation (Memories)
Wolfchant (The Betrayer)

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